Eucharist and the Virtue of Charity

Love is often misconstrued in our culture. We use the same word to describe our fondness for coffee, our favorite book, our dearest friends and family members. In relationships, love is reduced to a feeling, often bound up in lust. For some, love only exists in fairy tales, because of the hurt, betrayal, and pain [...]

The Art of Giving Thanks

If you were to ask me what I associate with the word “thanksgiving,” the first image that would pop into my mind is one that involved a delicious meal, family, pies, a crackling fire, fall leaves and darkening days. If you put “thanksgiving” into Google images or Pinterest, you are greeted with visions of script [...]

The Sacramentality of Existence

For some, it is easy to dismiss the sacraments as empty rituals, meaningless signs. Indeed Ratzinger comments on this growing trend in his book Theology of the Liturgy: The Sacramental Foundation of Christian Existence: The man of today is certainly interested in the question of God, and he is even concerned about the problem of Christ; [...]