About Me

Hi, I’m Caitlin!

A long time ago I discovered that I most clearly communicate my thoughts and prayers when I put pen to paper. My hope is that through these words, I am able to communicate to you the gift of our Catholic faith, how great our God is, and how loved you are.

I grew up in the Lakes Region of NH, a state that has captivated my heart. My foundation for my Catholic faith was built by my incredible parents. The eldest of three children, I grew up in a devout Catholic family, full of love, joy, and people who not only professed but lived the faith. This gift of faith has become the lens through which I view every person and every experience. It is the rock upon which I’ve built my house; the love story that tells me whose I am and who I am; it is the answer to my deepest and most profound questions, for it offers me a person: Jesus Christ.

With that said, my faith journey has not always been a straight path. I did not always have a personal relationship with Jesus, let alone comprehend and respect the teachings of the Church. As a freshman in college I fell into spiritual and mental darkness. A life lived for Christ seemed impossible. But God works through others, his light always triumphs, and eventually I came back to the Church with a heart on fire for our Lord.

It was this “reversion” that led me to pursue my MA in Theology, which I received in 2019 from the University of Notre Dame. Pairing my Theology degree with my English degree has become one of my greatest joys. As a woman who has struggled with diagnosed anxiety and depression, I have a passion for destigmatizing mental illness, particularly within Christian circles. Additionally, my heart is drawn to advocating for young women and awakening them to the reality of their feminine genius and the gift they are to the world.

Following God’s plan has proved to be the greatest adventure. Though not always easy (surrendering my carefully curated plans?? AH!), it has provided me with deep, abiding peace, an unnwavering sense of purpose, and countless blessings. One of those very blessings is the gift of my finace, Eamon, to whom I will be married this October.

I mentioned that at one point on my journey, a life lived for Christ seemed impossible. Now, to live for anything but him is incomprehensible. My prayer, always, is to bring Christ’s light and truth to people in darkness, particularly through my writing.

I’m praying for you.