From 7th Century to Vatican II: The Theology of Marriage of Hugh of St. Victor and St. Thomas Aquinas

HUGH OF ST. VICTORMarriage, during the time of Hugh of St. Victor, was primarily took place outside of the Church, with a blessing of the marriage occurring months after the actual marriage had take place. St. Victor firmly believed that creation had fallen and needed to be restored entirely in Christ. This heavily influenced his [...]

The Bridegroom

dis-cern-ment: (noun) a decision-making process that determines and honors God's will for one's lifean 11 letter word that, when spoken in the Catholic realm, often invokes a series of questions and a plethora of promised prayers For many years, I've desired marriage, motherhood. But as I've grown in my knowledge of the faith I've had [...]

The Sacramentality of Existence

For some, it is easy to dismiss the sacraments as empty rituals, meaningless signs. Indeed Ratzinger comments on this growing trend in his book Theology of the Liturgy: The Sacramental Foundation of Christian Existence: The man of today is certainly interested in the question of God, and he is even concerned about the problem of Christ; [...]